As a local SEO Surrey digital marketing agency specialising in top quality web design, SEO marketing, social media management and much more, here at Thunderbolt Digital we consider ourselves experts when it comes to site traffic and brand visibility. Search Engine Optimisation is one key method we use to boost our clients’ online audience. However SEO is an inexact science due to the fact much is unconfirmed about how Google organises its search rankings through its algorithm and ranking filters, the latest of which is Google Panda.

However in an interview with The SEM Post, Google recently released some information on how Google Panda filters through search results. Here are four handy tips from your local SEO Surrey agency, drawn from Google’s information, to make Google Panda benefit your business rather having it filter your site away.

1) Don’t remove content, fix it!

When Google Panda was implemented, SEO advisors recommended that users delete any text that could be judged as thin or unnecessary. However Google has suggested this is harming the sites involved. Rather than removing content, it is better to re-write the text with relevant keywords and reputable links.

2) Match your content to what is being searched.

If Google Panda considers a page to be irrelevant to the search terms used to access it, the site will perhaps be filtered down. However this is simple to account for. Using such services as Google Search Console can provide you with the information of what is being searched to find your pages. Then it is a matter of tweaking what keywords you use in your pages to suit these searches.

3) Keep your user-generated content.

Many experts recommend that all user-generated should be deleted, because the site cannot guarantee the quality of it. Whilst this is not true due to editing and moderating, Google has also suggested that removing user-generated content is also harmful to a site’s ranking. Sites with high quality user-generated content in fact rank very highly in searches so greater importance should be placed on moderation of quality, rather than removing all content.

4) Produce high quality content well.

A number of factors that were said to affect Panda have been disproved. These include word count, technical errors (404 pages) and duplicate content. Whilst these can effect overall page ranking they are do not specifically affect Panda. It is best to simply produce high quality content on well functioning pages and Panda will not effect your ranking.

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