As an agency who knows all about SEO Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital have no trouble when it comes to helping SMEs rank for their chosen keywords and gain traction online. Remember that your visibility online is key; being seen means more traffic to your site, which in turn leads to more sales, so the importance of SEO is not to be underestimated! Of course, we know that it can be difficult to get started with SEO without the help of a digital agency, which is why we thought we’d share the following tips to help you on your way!


  1. Any short-term gains from black hat techniques will be quickly outweighed by a penalisation from Google, so are ultimately not worth it!
  2. Choose which keywords you want to rank for before you start. Take into consideration what you provide, what you want to be known for, and what your customers actually search for.
  3. When considering SEO Surrey, remember Google will score you poorly for low-quality content, spammy keyword use (keyword stuffing), too many adverts and bad backlinks.
  4. If you need help getting started then go directly to the source. Google search console (formerly webmaster tools) can help you check for any issues and give you suggestions.
  5. Ensure your company has a Google business listing! This is invaluable for local SEO and will only be strengthened with reviews.
  6. The concept of quality over quantity is never truer than when working with SEO; you want quality content and quality backlinks, as you will be penalised for a high number of suspicious backlinks or duplicate content.
  7. However, the more content you have the better – just ensure that it isn’t low quality!
  8. Learn how to disavow backlinks from disreputable sources.
  9. Adding a blog to your website is a great way to keep your site regularly updated with quality content.
  10. Long tail keywords are easier to rank for, and over 40% of searches contain four or more words
  11. Capitalise on business relationships where you can as some may be willing to link to your site or provide you with testimonials.
  12. Registering with (trusted) industry and local directories is a good way to start building backlinks as well as getting the name of your company out there.
  13. Stay up to date with your position! Use tools like  Google Search Console or SEOprofiler to check your various keywords’ rankings.

If you’d like to receive professional assistance with SEO Surrey, then the team at Thunderbolt Digital are raring to go! We’re dedicated to helping all our clients achieve greater visibility and online success, and work closely with them to develop long-term marketing and SEO plans to make this a reality. To meet with us and discuss in further detail how we can get your site more traffic, simply call our Farnham office today on  01252 413757 or drop us an email at!