As Google Chrome has risen to become one of the most popular and common web browsers, you must be making the most out of extensions and tools so that you can save time and hassle. One reason for its huge success and popularity is due to the wide availability of extensions; if you can think of an extension there’s a high chance it exists. However, adding too many extensions can cause your browser to grind to a halt due to the requirements needed to run them in the background. This guide includes 7 of our favourite extensions here at Thunderbolt Digital, a Surrey marketing agency. 



Grammarly is an essential tool for writing and publishing work/tasks. Maintaining correct grammar is essential when it comes to professionalism, Grammarly acts as the perfect tool for freelancers or writers that need to communicate a message clearly and concisely. Grammarly scans through your writing and within seconds highlights grammatical errors and mistakes, making it the perfect tool for users who have no one to proofread their work. 


ColourPick EyeDropper

This tool allows users to get exact colours by opening the tool and clicking on a colour you would like to identify precisely. Using the cursor after opening the extensions allows the users to get the 6 digit hashtag regarding the colour, which can be added to your work – perfect for designers and creators implementing brand colours. This tool is extremely easy to use, whilst also being very helpful and effective.


Font Finder

Font finder is another essential tool for designers and creators looking to implement brand fonts or to identify fonts you like the look of. It allows the user to analyse and identify any font, size and colour. Font finder is also extremely easy to use with a simple user interface, simply download the extension, open it and select a block of text that includes the desired font you are looking for. Once clicked, a page with all the information will appear including size, colours, spacing and more.



Pushbullet is the perfect tool for those who are easily distracted by a smartphone or mobile device. This extension allows you to connect to several chat services including; Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Kik and SMS messages. You will receive notifications whenever someone contacts you instead of using your phone and getting distracted. Sending or sharing on a desktop or laptop is also much easier than using a small touchscreen device.


Adblock Plus

With over 500 million worldwide downloads this extension is highly trusted and used by many. Adblock plus blocks pop-up ads and banners. It also stops tracking, increasing your browsing privacy and increasing your browser load speed due to ads not having to load. 


Evernote Web Clipper

Use the Evernote extension to save text and other documents you find interesting directly into your account. Save articles, web pages and screenshots with ease straight into your account for viewing and reading later, when you have time. It’s so quick and easy to use, whilst formatting pages without including any irrelevant content. 


Awesome Screenshot And Screen Recorder

This tool is perfect for users who need an extension that can quickly screenshot/record important documents instead of copying and pasting. You are also able to record using this tool. This benefits those who struggle writing notes during meetings and discussions over zoom, Microsoft teams and more. Awesome screenshot and screen recorder is the perfect extension for situations that need to be dealt with fast.


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