Podcasts are an ever-growing platform, with over 115 million people listening to podcasts every week, making them an excellent marketing tool. Surprisingly, they are severely underused with only 850 thousand active podcasts. As one of the leaders in digital marketing in Surrey, we want to share with you how powerful this form of media can be and how it can help your business grow.


Podcasts Are More Than Just a Marketing Tool

Podcasts provide engaging, easy listening, that their audiences enjoy listening to. With the bonus that podcasts only need to be heard and not watched, users have more time to listen, especially with people currently trying to reduce screen time. This allows you to engage in a personal way. They allow you to engage with people that are passionate about what you do and enjoy listening, making marketing a happy by-product of your podcast!


Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty

It is important for you, as a business, to communicate with your audience and make sure everyone knows what makes you stand out. Podcasts are a great way to talk to potential customers in a personal way, that makes them feel like they know and trust you. This can help distinguish you from your competitors and increase brand loyalty. See more ways we can help increase brand awareness and loyalty here.


Great Way to Build a Community

Podcasts are a brilliant way to bring your audience together and form a community. Communities help to generate more brand loyalty and contribute towards user-generated marketing and social proof. Various podcasts can successfully target a niche and are therefore widely shared within that group, helping to build a group of loyal customers.


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