Here at Thunderbolt, we believe that blogs are important to a company of any shape or size. Especially for SMEs, whether your business is B2B or B2C, a blog can truly help grow your business.

WordPress (Pictured) is a great and easy website to use if you do want to start a blog. To read more from our blog click here!

  1. Boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – SEO is how any user finds your company. Through an internet search, it is important to help your company come ahead of your competition and blogs enable you to do so.
  2. The brand becomes personal – Browsers of your website are potential customers. Having a blog shows an important personal side that may be overlooked by other companies.
  3. Sharing opportunities – Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing is a very effective tool for a company to use. By writing something insightful, interesting or humorous it makes the reader want to share your content. This can be effective for a social media presence.
  4. Develop relationships with the reader – Any user first experiencing your blog will return provided they enjoy what they read. You have a chance to make an impact and establish a connection with the reader.
  5. Become an industry leader – Readers will start looking to your company for the first and highest quality insights on the industry. WordPress | Web Design Camberley
  6. Cutting edge commentary – If you want to blog about articles and news stories that could affect your company or brand then make sure what you offer is cutting edge and entices readers to return for more.
  7. Information on new products or services – This is your chance to let your consumers in on the new product or service ranges that your company offers. This can also be a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes in the company and give out exclusive offers.
  8. Show off your writing skills – Customers and businesses, whoever you are trying to sell to, needs to be impressed with your writing style. This way, you can show that there is more to your brand and you are diverse.
  9. Great way to market yourself – Companies and consumers will want to know more about engaging your content. If you get this right they will want to inquire more about the business and what you offer.
  10. Fun – Finally maintaining a blog is fun! There will always be many things to blog about, no matter what your business is in, so just enjoy it!

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