A couple of months ago we discussed the importance of fonts within web design. In a similar vein, a format that our team of designers (based in Surrey) are always trying to come up with new and innovative ways to tackle is typography. From posters to logos, and even in web design, typography is everywhere. Unique, stylish and ever so beautiful typography can have a massive impact on any design piece. Looking to utilise this beautiful design medium? Then have a gander at our ‘Top 10 Typography Designs’ to give you some inspiration.


1.Retro Space Typography

By William Balanza

This stylistic example of typography is refreshingly retro, yet still provides the aesthetic flavours of space. The bright colours contrast beautifully against the dark background, whilst still providing a gorgeously grunge texture, tone and characteristic across the whole piece. The font face of this piece produces a geometric tone, representing mechanical elements from space ships and crafts, which reflects nicely upon the space theme of the piece.


2. Estrella Levante Posters

By @AlexTrochut

This design takes a more classic approach to retro-style typography. The curly element of the font charismatically dances the eye around the whole design, exposing you to the key characteristics of the 50’s and rockabilly movement, leading you to the main focal point of the piece. The blood red type colour provides a nice contrast against the black and white tones of the overall design. This typography design is inspirationally individual, and fantastically stylish.


3. Typographic Experiment

By @NathanManire

Nathan’s example of typography represents the stylistic aesthetics of watercolours. The bright, colourful brush strokes are strategically placed on the page to outline the letter, utilising negative space in a breathtakingly beautiful manner, and representing an individualistic approach to typography. As the old saying goes, “less is more”, and this fantastic typography example perfectly illustrates this.



4.Crop the Block


The previous examples show how typography can work for print and digital design, but how can it be utilised in web design? Crop the Block’s website is a wonderfully creative example of this. Minimalistic, stylish, and effective, the elegantly unique font takes centre stage of their home page. In a simplistic white colour, it seductively draws your eye to the page, whilst not drawing your attention away from their portfolio, which is playing in the background; this is an amazing example of how typography can work in both web design and video production.


5.Ben Sherman Concept

By @AlanKlimPL

Alan’s take on the classic Ben Sherman logo is phenomenally trendy. The broken nature of this typography, along with the sharp edges and discolouring of the Union Jack, creates a sleek retro/vintage vibe, reflecting upon the youth culture in past times in which this brand was very popular. This is a prime example of how typography can be used to represent, and connote, a theme.


6.Austin Beer works

By @AustinBeerworks

Typography takes centre stage on the Austin Beer Works website. It’s big, bold, and brilliantly beautiful. The retro-style serif typeface is wonderfully eye-catching, drawing your eye towards the page that expresses their unique selling points. The orange colour connotes passion and confidence, and provides a sleek contrast to the white stroke, producing a dynamic piece. Straight away you know what the company is about, and what they do. A perfect web design technique for any website.


7. You Can Choose

By @MirkoCamia

You Can Choose is magnificently vintage, generating amazing grunge tones and textures. The meticulously placed brush strokes and paint drips create a sense of chaos, which drastically contrasts against the natural and calm connotations expressed through the tree and birds. This is a prime example of how typography can be used to express certain views, opinions, and more importantly, convey a message.


8.Amaze Labs

By @amazeelabs

The web design company Amazee Labs have stylishly incorporated typography into the design of their website. The masking tape style font gives a handmade, original impression, which shows Amazee Labs’ commitment to web design – creating unique and tailor-made websites. Evident throughout the home page, this style of typography is astonishingly eye-catching, drawing your attention to each section as you scroll down the page; a truly inspirational example of how typography can work in web design.



9. Kidd 81

By @kidd81

This example of typography in web design takes a more fun, colourful, and child- like route. The luminous colours and hand drawn effect of each letter makes this example very aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. The keywords stand out, letting the viewer know the exact topic of the web page, whilst also creating a cheerful and inviting tone and persuading the user to read on. Overall, this style of typography is quite unique and very friendly; a perfect way to attract users to a website.



10. Design Kitchen

By @designkitchen

Simple, chic and modern, what we like about the typography on this design is the minimalistic approach to it. The simple use of Helvetica and the colour white creates a very trendy and professional tone, and provides a nice contrast to the background of each section. This elegant typography style is represented throughout the website, simultaneously reinforcing Design Kitchen’s brand identity and adhering the minimalistic approach to web design which is trending right now.



From these examples alone, it is evident how unique typography can be. Taking the time and effort to create something which truly represents your brand identity and connotes the message and tone which you want to represent, and then incorporating it into your website can result in a breathtakingly beautiful web design.


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