Over the last year, many businesses have experienced hard times due to the pandemic. But with no clear end in sight, there are ways we can all prepare so that we aren’t hit by the hard times as much as we could be. Here’s a guide from an expert digital marketing agency as to how to bolster your company against external factors: 


Take stock of where you are

Take a long, hard look at your company. Where are you? Where do you want to be? Marketing isn’t only about getting yourself seen. It’s also about HOW you are seen. Part of marketing is done behind the scenes.

You may not have thought of this previously, but if your sales have taken a bit of a dip and you’re less busy, take the time to reevaluate your company. Are you portraying yourself in the way you want? Are you showing the right message? The right feel? Are you targeting the right audience? Could these be expanded? Are you utilising your point of difference?

These are all things you need to take a look into. It can allow you to market your products and your brand better to your customers, leading to an increase in your sales!


Talk to your customers – engage them!

The common issue we hear about is that businesses forget about their marketing. What we mean here is that they get busy with running a business, fulfilling orders and building a successful team that marketing only gets picked up again when revenue drops. 

One solution? Social media. It’s really easy for any company to started posting on Facebook, Instagram and other social channels and engaging customers and prospects. Social media posts can include anything from company announcements, new products, customer reviews and more. It can be the first thing potential customers look at when they come across your brand. If you are active on social media, it can really keep your customers and prospects engaged. Try offering some discounts for repeat customers or a competition to gain further interest. 


Build brand awareness

The best way to build your brand is to appealing to people’s interest and loyalty. These two aspects can make your brand stand out and even become a trend. Demonstrating your brand difference is the best way to gain interest. What differentiates you from your competition? Free delivery? Wide range of products? Lowest price around? It can be all sorts of things. Capitalise on this in your marketing efforts.

Focus on your customer care, if your customers are treated well, they will be more likely to return as well as to recommend. Keep them engaged on social media or through email marketing, and they are more likely to repeat buy. 


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