QR codes offer an easy way to reach audiences. They are great for brand awareness, as they extend your reach beyond just the internet alone. Since the pandemic, this channel has been brought forward into prominence. As specialists in digital marketing and web design, we have written this guide to show how QR codes can be effective for your marketing strategy. 

Benefits for Your Business 


QR codes allow marketers to track interactions with print materials, billboards and advertisements. This is hugely beneficial as before, this audience engagement was estimated only by the number of eyes that might see an advertisement.


There is a broad range of ways in which QR codes can be used by businesses. For instance, they can link to any digital location such as information pages, menus and product purchase pages. 

Easy To Use 

To use a QR code, all you need to do is open your camera and point it at the code. In the modern world, QR codes are becoming increasingly more accepted as a way to gain information. For instance, you can see them at restaurant tables, where they can be used to view menus. 

Where To Use QR Codes

You may have already seen QR codes at some of the places we are about to discuss. We will also shed some light on unique ways to increase engagements from materials that have previously been limited to non-digital interactions. 


One of the most common uses of QR codes is within bars and restaurants where they can be used to access online menus. Especially since the pandemic, these have proven to be extremely useful in allowing people to order food without face to face communication. 

Business Cards

Something as classic as a business card can be made new with the use of a QR code. These can directly navigate people, using the card, to your website. 

Print Materials 

There are an almost endless list of places you can add QR codes for people to find out more about your company. You can leave them on tables at a conference or even put them on brochures to give to potential customers. 


As we have now explored, QR codes can be used in many different, physical and digital, locations. They can help bring new traffic to your website which can help to increase leads and purchases for products. From restaurants, to tv adverts, to billboards there is almost no limit to where these can be placed. 

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