The power of a punchy headline for a blog is often overlooked. A good headline is one that captures the attention of the reader at first glimpse. As specialists in digital marketing and web design in Surrey, we will guide you through everything you need to know to write a powerful headline that stands out on search engine results pages. 

Why are Headlines Important? 

There are two main things you should aim to achieve with a headline. Firstly, you aim to capture the interest of the reader. Secondly, you are aiming to gain clicks from readers who may take an interest in your service. 

Succeeding in creating an attention-grabbing headline will help bring about traffic, sales and leads. 

But how do you make a headline more appealing? 

Be Relevant

Firstly, it is important to ensure that your title does not mislead the reader. It is immensely important that your headline and the content align. Misleading titles will ultimately alienate your audience and they will grow increasingly sceptical about your business. For instance, if you are only going to write a 400-word blog, steer clear of “ultimate guide” titles. 

The Power of Numbers 

It has been previously suggested that headlines with numbers often resonate better than those that don’t. But why is this? Numbers can help quantify your content, allowing the reader to process approximately how long it will take to consume as well as the scale of the information that they will receive. 

In addition, numbers stand out in a visual way amongst a search engine results page of standard text. 

One example of a number used in a text might be “5 ways to be more environmentally friendly at home”. 

Get to the Point 

A great headline is one that is both specific and concise. You should avoid wordy headlines that exceed 70 characters. Platforms such as LinkedIn suggest 40 – 49 characters for headline lengths. Additionally, titles that are too long will be cut short by Google on their results pages which is not ideal. 


Do not ruin the chances of a well-crafted and articulated blog, with a boring and lacklustre title. The headline of your blog is your first impression of your audience and you want to grab their attention quickly. Make sure to keep the title relevant and short enough that it gets to the point without sounding pretentious. As specialists in digital marketing and web design in Surrey, we hope you found these tips useful. Remember that a good title can lead to more than just clicks. A good title can also lead to leads and sales down the line. 

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