Before you begin communicating online and advertising your business, there are some very important things you need to think about first. Branding links to everything from from web design to UX, in our experience as a Surrey web design company, branding is the place to start before progressing any further into the process of a website. 


Point of difference- add it to your brand and web design in Surrey

To start with, let’s discuss what a point of difference actually is. A question we get asked a lot is ‘Do I actually have a point of difference?’. The answer is yes! Everyone will have a point of difference, it’s just about figuring out what yours is. This can be anything that sets you apart and gives a customer a reason to choose your business over another. Your point of difference can be the product or service you offer, your background, your approach, your price, your process or your beliefs. You may be thinking – ‘But do I need one?’ As a marketing agency that specialises in branding we can’t emphasise enough – yes you do need one! But why? A point of difference ensures that marketing works hard for you and no one else. And it enables you to be consistent and guide the direction of your business. 

Get to know your audience

Getting to know your audience, what drives them, and what channels they use to receive their information is crucial for the success of your business. If you don’t know where your audience is, how are you supposed to advertise to them? Start by looking at historic data, and ask yourself the following questions. Where do your sales come from? Who are the biggest groups? (Volume & Value). What are their demographics, needs and motivations? Now you’ve discovered who your audience is, consider if there are any other groups you should be targeting. 


Get to know your competitors 

Getting to know the people you are competing with is also crucial for your brand’s success. Start by identifying who your competitors are by seeing who offers similar products or services to you. Then take a look at their marketing. Is there anything you can learn from them? What are they saying? What marketing channels are they using? Could you use these marketing channels too, or improve your content in this area? What audiences are they targeting? Are these audiences you should be targeting too? 


Get to know your brand

I know what you may be thinking after reading this headline – don’t I already know my brand? Probably not well enough! Do some market research to find out the perception of your brand and how it comes across online. Write the story of your brand. Who invented it and why? What benefit do you provide to your customers? What would the market lack if your brand didn’t exist? Then speak to your employees. Ask them what it’s like to work for your company and why they applied for the job. The simple, obvious answer is that they needed a job and you were hiring. But find out if there is anything that sets you apart from your competitors that made them want to work for you in particular.


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