Search in terms of SEO & PPC have had their day?

For me Maggie from The Simpsons comes to mind when I think of something with the name Magi, but this is going to be much bigger! With its current Norrow AI model, ChatGTP dominates the news, but as it expands into large language models, Google may finally face some competition. 

Hence why we now have Project Magi, the next big thing in search! The goal is to reduce search traffic going to websites and change how paid platforms will generate traffic to a CPA model (Cost Per Acquisition).  Project Magi is being created to make search more conversational as Google considers a new sort of search engine. An example of this can be found on a video from 5 years ago, how Google’s search engine may work in the future. We understand that the new interface will be much more intuitive helping the user cut down on time and fluff. Forget about being page one on Google. If AI knows the type of restaurants you like, then why not get you a table reservation and order your favorite bottle of red without you searching through the listings for what you want? 

What impact will this have on SEO or PPC? Will these services no longer be available? The simple answer is it’s difficult to say, but who remembers Friends Reunited, Bebo or Myspace? These were going to be massive and drive advertising revenue into the Billions in the early 20’s. Well, that was a storm in a digital teacup! What I will say, is Google will not want to give up it’s market share, and if one company has the money to back it up then it’s Google. With over 150 Google engineers trying to make it’s experience more conversational with the end user, and bypass the website altogether. As for transactional sales, your guess is as good as mine. 

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