Web development can be completed in many different forms. The right language is dependent on many factors. These include: the size of the project, what support tools are available, the time it would take to code, its compatibility with other add on features, and what platform you are hoping to use. Not all coding languages are compatible with everything that could be added to a website. Many are decades old and are the more traditional way of coding. Whereas newer versions are compatible with more platforms etc. 



HTML is the code we’ve all heard of, it’s everywhere in today’s society, only those not technically minded don’t realise. It is the bread and butter of web developers. HTML is a standard markup language that is paired with CSS or JavaScript to code in the look and feel and pair this with the functionality. It is the web’s core language and may well be the first language that a developer will learn. This language is used to determine the meaning and structure of content on the web, it is the basis of most websites. 



CSS is a language that can be paired with HTML or another language to change the design, look and feel or layout of the website. Whether you’re creating the colour scheme or the borders, where the pictures appear and in what style, this is all done through CSS, it can be used by both developers and designers to get the desired look. It is often used in apps as well as websites, but is very common for sites that value a visually appealing site as well as a functional one. 



This particular language is widely used and very popular as it is a scripting language. One of its key benefits is that it’s supported by most of the bigger browsers such as Google, Safari and Bing. This makes it much simpler for the developers as you won’t need as many plugins or compilers, which makes it cheaper for you the customer too.



PHP is a coding language for all types of projects, not just web development. This language has been the basis of millions of websites as it is the foundation of many sites. It is an open source language and can be embedded into HTML. More people will recognise it as the code language of sites such as Facebook and WordPress. These sites are widely popular and used frequently by the general public. 



Python is more of a dynamic coding language that can be used for all areas of development. This is a typical language to start off learning, many may have learned it in IT lessons during school. However it can become a high level programming language but is easier to read and understand than its counterparts. Some key features are: automatic memory management, a large library, dynamic type system and support of many paradigms. 


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