Is it possible for your marketing plan to come to life using free tools? Our marketing agency Surrey team thinks so! Although free versions have their limitations, there’s no denying they have their place in the digital marketing world and we still use them in our day-to-day creations for our clients.


Our social media team want to share with you our favourite free marketing platforms that can be used in your very own marketing strategy. Have you used any of these before?


Although some channels offer scheduling within their website/app, Buffer allows us to plan everything for each social media channel in one place. This includes Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can schedule up to 10 pieces of content per channel, meaning you’ll be days ahead at all times.


Canva is our social media team’s favourite free platform! With hundreds of images, graphics, and templates that can be used for free, you can easily create images for your social media channels. Templates are set to the correct sizes for each channel, so it eliminates any guessing games and awkward adjustments. It’s a simple-to-use platform so is a great one for those starting out as well as us veterans!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tab our SEO team always has open on their desktop. It offers a huge amount of information regarding traffic to and on your website. It means at the click of a button we can see where in the world your clients are, how they are coming to your website, and what course of action they’re taking on your web pages; and that’s just skimming the surface!

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to take a peek into what the world is Googling and how that has changed over the years. This can be a fantastic way to figure out what words to include in your website and marketing channels.


Used frequently by our marketing agency Surrey team, Bitly is often a bookmarked website just a click away. Our marketers use it to customise or shorten links to add into captions, so they can be neater for the reader, and allowing us to track the interactions on them. This way we can decide what content is more “clickable” to your customers.


Email marketing is a wonderful way to keep in contact with your customers and potential customers. Using Mailchimp, you can appear in their inbox frequently with deals, promotions, and company updates. You can cleverly personalise the recipient name which adds a personal touch to what could be an otherwise generic email.


WordPress is often used by our social media marketing and SEO departments to create landing pages. Landing pages are the fastest and easiest way to create new web pages that don’t necessarily need to be linked to your website. We like to use them to collect emails from potential customers. A great way of doing this is having a contact form; upon filling it out, the customer could receive entry to a competition or a free ebook.


The HemmingwayApp is on hand to help you create clear copy that is written for your reader. It grades your writing on readability, meaning you can adjust it based on your target customers. This is a great way to check through blogs and social media content before making it live.

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From social media to emails to SEO, we strive to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and platforms that bring your marketing from good to great. Therefore, our marketing agency Surrey-based team wants to help you create the perfect marketing strategy, using the tools listed above plus a few of our paid favourites. For more information about this, speak to our marketing team on 01252 413757 or email us at