Our team isn’t all about Surrey web design. At Thunderbolt, we understand that every business has many cogs, all working together to get to the end result. Our team is created in a way to help you achieve your online goals. This is why our marketing and web development teams work together on a daily basis. To give you a little insight into how our team works together, here’s a quick rundown. 


Brooke – Brand Strategist

Brooke is our brand wizard! This isn’t even a name we have given her, our clients have! With over 20 years of experience in marketing, she specialises in finding a brand’s point of difference and capitalising on it. She has worked with brands such as Nestle and Kellogg’s. She takes the time to really understand your brand and do a deep dive into your audience. This allows her to pair your goals with the best tone of voice and strategy to achieve it. 


Lauren M- Head of PR and Comms

Lauren is a really passionate character that loves to engage with a new brand. She has worked with brands such as SPANX, Seafolly and Panache. She is an asset that immerses herself in the world of your brand to find the best way to market yourself to the right target audience. Whether through tone of voice, or through the social media platforms you are using, she can help you to communicate more effectively. 


Kirstin- Internal Marketing Manager

Kirstin has lengthy experience in building a brand from the ground up. She has joined Thunderbolt to aid us in expanding our own clientele as well as doing the same for our current clients. She takes a look at the current marketing activities of a brand and reevaluates their efforts into a more streamlined approach to growing their company. 


Erin – Account Manager 

Erin is experienced in leading accounts to their set objectives in the most efficient way possible. She is proficient in both PPC and SEO and takes charge of all the accounts to ensure that they are on track, and create steps to fix the situation if not. She is the first port of call for our clients and ensures you are happy with the current marketing strategy. 


Lauren – PPC Marketing Executive

Lauren is our PPC specialist and takes care of the day to day running of the PPC accounts. She analyses the data and creates new ads and continually updates and optimises campaigns to achieve the best results for clients. She works closely with Erin to ensure that she achieves the client KPIs and targets for the month, and maintains the effectiveness of ads. 


Matt – SEO Marketing Executive 

Matt is our SEO specialist and takes care of the SEO for all clients. He is currently working towards his apprenticeship and enjoys the challenge of achieving higher rankings for the needed keywords. He creates and optimises blogs and backlinks for clients to create results for our clients. 


Sophie – SMM Marketing Executive

Sophie takes care of the social media marketing for our clients. She creates organic posts and runs paid advertising campaigns for our clients. She optimises and monitors the ads to ensure they are making the most of our clients’ budgets and getting the best return on investment. She ensures they are the right tone of voice for each client and each platform. She also creates a three month marketing plan to ensure that any promotions and deals are advertised in advance. 

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