If you’re trying to increase the online visibility of your website and get more interest in your company, a great way to achieve this is to get higher up on Google’s rankings. But this isn’t always easy because SEO is a lengthy, complicated process. However, there are some things that can aid it that are quite simple. Google My Business is something that we’ve all seen in Google, but maybe you didn’t register what it was, or that you can set your business up on it too. As experts in web design in Guildford, read our hints and tips to improving your Google My Business.


What is Google My Business?

If you’ve ever typed into Google the phrase “restaurants near me” for example, it will have come up with a search bar that lists all the restaurants that are in your vicinity. These won’t correlate to the actual search results that come up. Google my business is this section that displays all of the businesses in that area that fit your requirements, in this instance restaurants. You can do this for whatever industry you are in so that when someone types in a phrase like “web design Guildford” your company will be displayed in this section. 


Why do you need it?

Google my business is a great way to get the word out about your business. It can boost awareness and trust in your company leading to more people getting in touch with you. It can also be a way of getting you onto page one of Google, even if your SEO isn’t getting you there. Getting your business seen on Google isn’t always easy, it’s a mixture of good web design, UX and SEO both on your site and in the back end. This tool allows you to skip this so that anytime someone types in web design in Guildford, we show up along with our competitors, while also displaying our location and list of 5 star reviews. 


What benefit can it bring?

What does Google My Business mean for your business? It means that your customers can see all the information they need, all on one page. From your opening hours, to your contact information, to past reviews and the ability to send you a message straight away. What your customers want is ease of use. Google my business makes it all easy for them, no hassle of scrolling through the whole website to find the information they need. It can lead to increased leads and conversions. With Google My Business, you can set your location and radius so that anyone who types in “…. near me” or “…. in Guildford” will be able to see your company and the photos you’ve added of your product or service. 


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