Choosing the right social media channel can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your campaign. There are several steps that go into creating a social media strategy, and lots of elements that contribute; the channel being a key component. As a marketing agency, we are experts in social media Farnham. Here is some insight into choosing a channel for your social media strategy and why it matters so much; 


Get To Know Your Audience


Getting to know your target audience is absolutely essential in order to choose the platform that will be most effective in reaching them. Take time to break down your audience into demographics, the more specific you are, the more you can fine tune your campaign to be optimal. A/B testing can help you figure out what platform or content is being the best received by your audience. Different age groups will reach for different platforms in general. Depending what your audience are interested in recreationally and professionally, different platforms will be used also. For example, Linkedin’s largest age demographic is 46-55 year olds, whilst Instagram’s largest is 18-29 year olds. 


Research The Specific Features Of Each Channel


What platforms are the best for marketing? This is a subjective question, and you are likely to hear plenty of different answers. The only person who can truly answer this question is you. Each business will have different marketing needs that different platforms can satisfy, so it is important to review the benefits of each platform respectively.


Each channel will have varying costs, features, benefits and limitations. You must make sure that the channel you choose will work alongside your social media marketing budget. 


For more information on organising your social media strategy, see here. 


What Are Your Media Goals?


Your long and short term goals can give you some insight into the direction in which you should be heading in when it comes to social media. Do you want more connections? Or more followers? Do you want to build up brand awareness and educate your audience? All of these are achievable when the right platform is chosen and utilised. Using Instagram as a formal networking tool is probably not as effective as using Linkedin, and using Facebook to visually engage your audience is probably not as effective as using Pinterest.


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