Ad campaigns can seem overwhelming if you are just starting. There are a lot of components that need to come together to ensure that a campaign produces results. We can almost certainly guarantee that you’ve at some point read an ad on Google and thought “that’s not relevant”. Or read an ad and immediately thought it was incredibly boring. As a marketing agency in Surrey, we work to prevent your customers from thinking this, but how do we do it?

Campaign Layout

If you’ve done any research into Google ads campaigns, you’ll know that the layout is as follows:

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Ad group 
  • Ad

These are important foundations for the rest of your campaign. Try to base it around your website layout if you are selling products. For example, “wet weather clothes” would become a campaign, and “welly boots” or “waterproofs” would become the ad group. You could then create ads within this ad group for coloured boots or patterned boots depending on your products. 


Create ad groups that are relevant 

Think about your goal. What are you creating this campaign to achieve? If you are making it for awareness, try to keep your keywords broad. Whereas, if you are looking for more conversions, try to make the keywords more specific to target those who are more likely to buy. Make sure to monitor your search term report weekly to see what is leading customers to your site, if there is anything irrelevant make sure to add it as a negative keyword. For example, if someone was searching for umbrellas, but you don’t stock any, then you would add that as a negative keyword to stop that happening again. 


Be in the mind of your customer

Try to step into the shoes of your customers. What would they be searching for? How can you tempt them to buy from you and no one else? Take some time to consider, and think if you were them, what would you be searching for to get to wet weather clothes? Try to think of variants, Google will help with broad match terms to include variants, but you can speed up the process by putting in various options. 


Make the copy engaging 

You have probably seen many disappointing ads in your time. Ones that don’t seem to have a point, ones that are boring, ones that just don’t stand out. You need to make the copy relevant to what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for brand awareness then add in your point of difference and brand attributes. If you are looking for more conversions or clicks, why not add in an offer? What would your customer want to see when they google Welly boots? Make your ad tailored to them.

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