What Is a PPC?

The first thing you need to do when you want to make your PPC campaign more effective is to understand what a PPC is. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, it’s when an advertiser pays every time someone clicks on their ad. 


Why are demographics so helpful?

Google uses demographics to collect data on its users, such as their age and gender. This is then useful for people with websites as you can use this data to see what category of people are visiting your website, so you can continue to target them or amend your website and branding to target the right audience. This helps you to be specific with your audience.


How to make your PPC successful?

The only way to measure your success is to set yourself a goal first, if you have no goal, how can you determine your ability to achieve success? Setting a goal is the very first step to optimize your PPC campaign.

After you’ve set your goal, a great way to make sure your pay per click campaign is most successful is having good keywords. Deciding on your keywords is the first thing you have to do when setting up your PPC campaign, but finding the right keywords is the fundamental factor to success. These keywords are strategically chosen to take clicks and turn them into conversions. You don’t just want people visiting your website, you need them to pay for the service you provide, whether that’s selling clothes or planning parties. As a trusted Surrey marketing agency, we can help you determine these keywords.


Advantages of a PPC Campaign

There’s a limitless catalogue of advantages to a PPC campaign, some being: instant traffic, it’s easy to measure and you have total control over the campaign. As well as this, it provides useful information, and it works well with other channels; such as SEO as the traffic is still the same audience. In spite of this, there’s one disadvantage, being that you can’t set up your campaign then leave it. You have to devote time to making it effective and worthwhile. Nonetheless, this one disadvantage in no way compares to the advantages of a PPC campaign, that we, as a trusted digital agency in Surrey, can help you optimise.


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