If you’re reading this blog, you may be wondering what is a chatbot and whether it’s worth it? Our digital marketing agency in Surrey has seen the benefits of having a chatbot on our website. 


What actually is it?

Let’s start at the beginning. What actually is a chatbot? A chatbot is a chat plugin on your website. It allows you to talk to web visitors and customers online in real time. But what are the benefits of having one?

Quick and Easy- recommended by a digital agency in Surrey

In this day and age, many people prefer the ease of communicating online and not having to pick up the phone to call someone. Especially if you want a fast response to your question; you don’t have to sit and wait on the phone while you’re on hold. Having a chatbot is fairly easy to set up, and is a great, hassle-free way to communicate with web visitors. By downloading the app on your phone or laptop, or by opening the tab in your browser, you can communicate with your customers in real time. So even though our digital marketing agency is based in Surrey, we can communicate with our web visitors who are based all over the world, right now. 

Make it work for you- use a digital agency in Surrey to tailor it to you

One of the great features of having a chatbot on your website is that you can completely tailor it to your needs. There are many different chatbots you can set up. You can even set it up to automatically send a message to new visitors, returning visitors, or visitors who open a specific page. And you can customise the message for each individual chatbot. You can choose what you want each message to say, when you want to send it to them and how often. You can even set up AI Responder messages to frequently asked questions that are triggered when a visitor says certain phrases or questions. So if they want to ask a commonly asked question, they can get an instant answer!

Keep up, or get left behind

This new, sophisticated way of lead generation is the new thing. Tidio says, “Get a chatbot or get left behind” is the new business mantra, as chatbots have been called the number one investment for most companies today. 

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