The work of a digital marketing agency can be considerably beneficial for companies trying to publicly advertise their products and services. Through a range of methods, including the creation of personas and optimising public messaging, to attract specific audiences. Marketing allows for a proven calculated way of driving sales and building audiences for a brand. However, in the pursuit of obtaining new leads and sales, it can be tempting to falsely advertise or over exaggerate the benefits of a client’s service. That being said, as experts in digital marketing and SEO in Surrey, we believe that honesty is the best policy for digital marketing. 

Marketers as Trusted Advisors

It’s important for marketing agencies to prove themselves as trusted advisors. In doing so, you’ll be respected by clients as someone who can advise them in a way that is open and honest. Furthermore, in establishing a relationship based on honesty and trust with clients, you provide a safe space for open dialogue and communication. 

Thinking Broader Than Just Sales 


Elaborating further on the point of marketers acting as advisors, we should ensure that the public promises by clients are honest in relation to the companies’ market position. Even for companies that prioritise profit above all else, it’s important to note that profit is only realised through the public’s trust within a brand. Facts and promises are relied on by the public when choosing a service or product provider. So, you should promote strengths and be aware of potential challenges but never spin. 

Keeping a Realistic Perspective

Some companies may knowingly cast advertisements to the public in a way that’s deceptive, whilst others may fully believe in their brand and that their promises are truthful. However, deceptive advertising can have adverse effects that can be quite harmful to a company. In these circumstances, companies may suffer from corporate vertigo, losing a realistic perspective of their own services and products.


As expected in digital marketing and SEO Surrey, we hope this guide demonstrates both the ethical and practical benefits to being honest within marketing strategies. Rather than deceiving audiences in order to drive sales, there’s more utility to marketing in an honest way that builds trust with audiences. This can be done by highlighting the genuine strengths of a client’s product and service whilst ensuring to not spin narratives in a way that is misleading or deceptive. 


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