Our digital marketing agency prides itself on keeping on top of trends within social media, seeing if and how we can use them for our clients. Due to the emergence of AI and ‘honest’ influencer marketing in 2023, we’ve seen the online world change faster than ever before. Keeping on top of trends such as these is more important than ever.

Our social media team have compiled a list of predicted social trends that we will keep a close eye on, ready to include in our marketing strategies.

Influencer Honesty

The influencer world has grown massively over the past few years, but people have become tired of constantly being sold products. Marketers need to tread carefully and find a way to capture the attention of viewers while maintaining authenticity. If people can tell an influencer genuinely loves a product or service, they are much more likely to buy it.

Careful Content with AI

There has been an increase of 260% in how much companies and organisations plan to use AI for editing images in the next year. However, knowing that audiences aren’t on board as much as industries, it’s important to tread carefully. 62% of users are less likely to engage with content if they know it’s been generated by AI. Marketers must consider all content’s readability going forward.

Entertainment and Relatability

56% of users believe that brands should be more relatable on social media, and would rather they were less focused on self-promotion. Our digital marketing agency Guildford-based team suggests brands make social relationships a focus in 2024. The best way to do this is by following the audience’s lead. Create brand content based on what your audience likes, comments on, and shares.

Sharing Matters

Speaking of creating content that your audience shares, they will soon matter more than likes, comments, or followers. That isn’t to say these won’t matter, but it’s important to encourage followers to share the content they find helpful or interesting. If a user has shared your content with their followers, it’s almost like a green light and they are vouching for you. Take a look at what your audience engages with, and make more content like that.

Longer-Form Videos

TikTok has changed its creator fund, only allowing creators to make money from videos if they are longer than 1 minute. This in turn will likely see an increase of longer-form videos, allowing once again for more authenticity.

Using Social Media as a Search Engine

If you’re not answering questions for potential customers on your social channels, someone else might be. Our digital marketing agency aims to build brands up to being the local or industry go-to for knowledge. We do this by using social SEO and creating content that answers frequently asked questions within your niche.

Hashtag Photo Dump

Photos dumps, formerly known as carousels, are a way to tell stories while being authentic, unfiltered, and up-to-date. Our digital marketing agency loves the simplicity of this trend, which has taken over not just Instagram, but TikTok too. We love Adobe’s guide (https://www.adobe.com/express/learn/blog/photo-dump) to creating the perfect photo dump.

YouTube is Still Relevant

Despite the grasp that TikTok and Reels have on Gen Z, our social media team still has a soft spot for YouTube, as do users. YouTube has the highest visit duration at just over 20 minutes and the lower bounce rate at 21.65%. YouTube is fantastic for repurposing content for other channels. Long-form videos can be cut into even smaller videos and screenshots for other channels.

Social media is an ever-changing world, and can sometimes become overwhelming. We suggest taking on a handful of trends that are relevant to your business and your target audience and dialling in on your marketing strategy. If you’re unsure of what social media channels are right for you, take a look at our blog (https://www.wearethunderbolt.com/news/marketing/which-social-channels-are-right-for-you/) for some guidance.

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