2023 saw the use of AI tools skyrocket. It’s cropped up in all industries; healthcare, cybersecurity, education, and even transportation. Our marketing and web design Surrey team have loved getting AI more involved in their work.

We’re not surprised to see 61.4% of marketers have already begun using AI tools for their campaigns. Our web design Surrey team look into which tools work best, and why we should use them.

What Makes AI Useful for Marketers?

Content Generation

The most common use for AI within marketing is for content creation. It saves time and can be fully customisable to your potential customers.

Data Analysis

AI tools can collect data, which helps to offer insight into customer behaviour and traits. This means more directed marketing in the future.

Customer Service

AI can run chatbots on web pages, allowing customers to find answers without waiting in a queue on the phone.

What Are The Top 10 AI Tools for Marketers?


This particular AI tool has been proven to streamline copywriting processes as well as marketing campaigns. 80% of markers found a reduction in time spent on first drafts, so Jasper gets a thumbs up from us!


ChatGPT has become a well-known tool for many industries. Thanks to its ability to create content, do audience research and offer SEO optimisation, our web design Surrey team have it in their bookmarks.

Campaign Assistant

This particular AI tool does as it says on the tin, and wonderfully at that. You simply need to provide a brief of your campaign goal and Campaign Assistant creates a range of assets. This can include landing pages, ads for social media, and marketing emails.


Drift is used best for conversational marketing. Thanks to the choose-you-own-adventure chatbot, you can have it answer customers’ questions that aren’t on the featured path, or they get directed to a human. It is a fantastic way to unburden support teams, although it comes with a steep price tag.


Writer allows marketing teams to collaborate on a piece of work easily. It also offers grammar suggestions so you can tailor your tone of voice to the correct audience.

Surfer SEO

This AI tool will be a favourite for all marketers. Surfer SEO will analyse your web pages and evaluate keywords, offering suggestions to improve your rankings.


Used by our marketing team daily. Grammarly helps you write clearly and concisely; highlighting spelling mistakes while offering helpful suggestions. It guides when with tone of voice, so you can write how you want your customers to read.

Hemmingway Editor

Another favourite among our marketing team! Hemingway analyses your content and offers suggestions on readability. It’s a great place to check over blogs and social posts before scheduling them.


Offering real-time SEO scores and keyword recommendations, Scalenut is a fantastic tool. It helps streamline your marketing campaigns by analysing traffic and writing sales copy. A fascinating feature is ‘Cruise Mode’, which gives you insight into trending topics. This helps you jump on trends before they pass and stay ahead of the competition.

Lexica Art

Ranking highly with marketers, Lexica Art is a high-quality image generator for realistic pictures. You can find images for almost any topic. It allows you to branch out away from the usual stock images often used for blog thumbnails and website holders.

Understanding the Limitations

Despite the many benefits, it’s important to understand the drawbacks. Blogs and copy created with AI can lack the ‘human touch’ that many readers want to read. This can eventually lead to reduced engagement. It’s worth reading through any AI copy and amending it to ensure it reads how you want it to, and has the desired effect on the customer.

What to Consider When Looking for An AI Tool:

While there are free versions of AI tools, they come with limitations as your projects grow. When it comes to investing in an AI tool for your business, it’s important to take into consideration a few things: the cost, the reputation, the features, and the ease.

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