We’ve all seen thousands of websites over the years, some good, some bad, and some terrible. It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint what makes a website “great” as it’s all to do with personal preference. But most people can agree on what not to do with a website. There’s always that balance between what we think is good and what our customers think looks great. There are easy ways to ensure that your customers stay happy on your site. Web designers always look for a new way to keep your audience engaged; making sure that those in your surrounding area, like Surrey, are looking at your site and not others. 

Clear and Concise – a web designers dream in Surrey

Every viewer is looking for something. Whether it be a quote, your contact information, to look at your past work, or to find an answer to a question. A main reason for staying on a site is that a customer found something interesting or useful and wondered if they could find more information on this. This is the most effective way of retaining an online audience. It creates repeat viewers and even referrals. 

Interesting and Inventive 

The main thing a website needs to be is engaging. Without this key feature a customer will find themselves being underwhelmed and will choose another site. You obviously want to avoid this at all costs. In Surrey there are hundreds of businesses, how are you supposed to be different? Our web designers in Surrey work tirelessly to ensure that this is achieved. Make sure to use imagery that’s of high quality if at all possible, and having bold typography creates ease of reading. Try using a design or colour scheme that pushes the boat out, or even a particular style that isn’t common in your industry, there are no rules! 


Stand out from the crowd

Web designers are constantly innovating to find new ways of design and creation, they look at other sites in Surrey and beyond to constantly hone their craft. So let them see what they can make! Animation is a great way to express individuality, our spacemen and our farm are part of Thunderbolt, why not find something that’s part of your company and make it a reality. Try using colours that feel right for your business, but be conscious that certain colours aren’t always visible for those that are colour blind. 


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