If someone asked you this question, what would your response be? “They build websites” it was along the lines of that right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Web designers in Surrey do a multitude of things that mean your company can blossom, not just designing a website. Can you guess what they are? No? Well let us explain then: 

Not Just Web Design

Though this is the main part of a web designers job, in Surrey, their role has developed to include many other factors. Web design itself is ever-expanding, meaning their job can take on many different tasks. These include the UX of the site. UX is the user experience on your website, it is a hugely important part of a web designers role. Without a good UX, customers can find it hard to navigate your website, this can result in decreased traffic as people choose another website; leaving you with a depleted rate of sales. 

Google and Facebook ads

Web designers also contribute to the ads you see daily. They make sure that these are engaging and aesthetically pleasing to keep your interest. In Surrey, you will see these ads, both on Google as well as platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Web designers ensure that any videos work smoothly and that animations and writing are clear to the viewer. 


Branding can make or break your company, web designers are developing branding through logos and mood boards, to create the desired message of the client. Through mood boards, font combinations and colour schemes. These factors combine to make the brand guidelines. Through this and the logo, web designers in Surrey aim to create a company brand that is recognisable to customers, increasing your brand awareness and repeat visitors to your site, leading to increased sales. 

Print Design

Professionalism is key to impressing new customers, print design is an integral part of this. Web designers tackle this through designing the overall look and feel of the print, as well as the material and type of document. This ensures that the right message is delivered, in a way that is visually appealing to all, even those that are colour blind. 

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