Over the last 25 years the way that we consume FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and the way in which we are influenced to make our purchases has developed dramatically. The introduction and domination of social media has led the charge for this change. As such, the way that brands communicate with their target market has had to adapt in order to connect and, ultimately, drive sales. As a leading Surrey marketing agency, we are perfectly situated to help guide you through the best practices for your business in the digital world.


What is PR?

In its most basic form PR, or public relations, is all about communication. The words that you are using, the stories that you are telling and how you go about doing it. Successful brands know how important their unique universe is to their customers. And they work hard to make sure that all of their messages are aligned to continue to drive home their key points of difference. 


What are the goals from PR?

  • Connect with your target consumer
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Share your point of difference 
  • Provide credibility 
  • Improve SEO 



Brands that are effectively connecting with their communities are thriving. If anything the pandemic has provided the perfect opportunity to optimise their position and continue to grow direct to consumer sales via their own channels. As a result implementing clever communication strategies enables brands to do this and as a expert Surrey marketing agency we can help you to do this too. 


User Generated Content

For social media channels, user generated content plays a big part in this success. As well as collaboration with a combination of micro and established influencers. Therefore, the right combination can see brands transform from seedlings to house-hold must-haves in a short space of time. In order to utilise this to your advantage, messaging and the imagery shared on own channels must be consistent. 


Trust Indicators

Above all, digital communications still weight weight in terms of expanding brand reach to new consumers. They also act as significant trust indicators. Having a recommendation from GQ or The Times can be the final push needed to finalise a new purchase. Further to this, online placements are invaluable tools for improving SEO organically. 


Quick Response To Market Changes

Great PR allows you to react fluidly to changes in the market and harness key moments to a brand’s advantage. As a digital agency in Surrey, we have worked hard to understand the importance of this and how we can bring this to our customers. 


Reach Your Relevant Customers

At Thunderbolt we are fluent in communication techniques that will enable you to reach your relevant consumers. As a result we arm you with strong foundations, setting your tone and mapping out a clear strategy to reach your goals. 


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