As a trusted web design agency in Surrey, the team at Thunderbolt digital have fashioned many a website, using the absolute gift to developers everywhere – WordPress! If you’ve browsed the internet for any length of time, the chances are that you’ve visited a WordPress site, whether or not you’ve realised it! Of course, there are still many out there who only know WordPress as a blogging platform, and whilst that is partly true, it’s not the full picture. WordPress has grown into one of the largest content management systems (CMS) available, allowing website designers and developers across the globe to make custom designs for their sites with minimum fuss. Want to know more? No problem! We bet you didn’t know that…

1. More than 30% of all websites were built using WordPress, including those owned by Sony, Facebook, and The New York Times.

2. WordPress also holds almost 60% of CMS market share – its closest competitor is Joomla, who only holds 6.1%.

3. Almost 50% of WordPress sites are vulnerable to security breaches from poorly coded or outdated themes and plugins.

4. Nearly 100 versions of WordPress have been released to date (make sure to update to the most recent!) – not bad for 15 year old software!

5. All the amalgamated man hours spent building WordPress works out at about 127 years.

6. WordPress as a whole isn’t officially owned by anyone, and is completely free and open source.

7. WordPress’s parent company (Automattic) employs less than 600 people in total – that’s 500 times less than Amazon!

8. 50,000 new WordPress sites are launched daily.

9. WordPress has an official “swag store” that sells merchandise.

10. Users make over 60 million new comments each month, and 6 new posts every second.

11. WordPress also receives more than 132 million spam messages per month, and have already blocked over 100 billion of them!

12. WordPress is available in 62 languages and 162 locales, but English makes up 71% of content.


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