As professionals in web design in Guildford, it is our job to provide recommendations towards each and every one of our clients with the best types of websites and how they can benefit their business. With the digital age constantly evolving it is our job to always have our ears to the ground so that we are able to give first class advice, from our professional web designers and developers.



An e-commerce website is a website that people are able to purchase products directly from. A great example of these are websites like Amazon which sells a massive plethora of products all over the world. On the other hand, a website like Interflora solely sells one type of product. These are both examples of great e-commerce websites.

E-commerce websites are incredibly useful. Once successfully set up, they have amazing potential in tracking through other applications such as Google Analytics.



In simple terms, a Brochureware website refers to the translation of a company’s printed brochure into a digital medium, in this case a website. Generally, this needs careful application, as the web design and development will differ substantially from a physical brochure. The best way to do this is using existing resource material effectively. Reworking the overall design and feel of the website to fit the needs of  a website, over a brochure.

Through our web design in Guildford, we have professionals with valuable, proven experience in making successful brochureware sites, for clients of a considerable amount of industries.


Lead Generation

A lead generation website is obviously for generating leads. This type of website is heavily influenced by the user experience and interface (UX & UI). This is because the UI and UX needs to be carried out and done properly in order for the conversion rate (percentage of users to take a desired action) to be optimised properly, resulting in the highest possible number of leads generated.

Our expert web designers and developers have years experience to create websites that have shown great lead generation through industry leading techniques.


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