In this day and age, there are a million software programs that can aid you in creating a stand out web design. But how do you know which are the best to use? It isn’t always easy to find one that will actually help, rather than being too complicated to figure out, or doesn’t have the aspects you want. These 3 software programs enable you to build, improve and monitor the web design of your site. 




Despite being stereotypically recognised as a bloggers platform, wordpress is a site for all. It does have qualities that boost SEO more than other platforms, hence it is used by bloggers, but it is a platform that is easy to maintain and adapt to your designs. It allows you to easily create new pages without the need for a developer, unless any distinct functionality is needed. WordPress is a platform that is loved by all web developers for its ease to use and update, web designers in Surrey and elsewhere use this to their advantage by creating sites based around this platform. 




Once you have a site, what’s next? In this situation you need to keep innovating your design. Facebook doesn’t look the same as it did 3 years ago, and neither should your site. The quick and simple way to do this with no hassle is through leadpages. This software allows you to create landing pages. A landing page is the first page that a viewer will see when they click on a particular side of your site. The aim is to provide the viewer with all the information they need simply and all in one page so that they then want to continue onto other pages. This maintains your website and keeps it up to date. 


Google Analytics 


How do you know how well your website and its design are fairing? That’s where Google Analytics comes in. This nifty tool allows you to see bounce rates. A bounce rate is the length of time someone spends on your site or on a particular page before leaving to go elsewhere. If your bounce rate isn’t good this can be because of your design. If the UX of the site is lacking, this can mean that customers choose to go elsewhere. Or if the copy doesn’t provide the right information, this can also occur. Google Analytics can alert you to this and you can then change your designs, and have another look at the bounce rate to see the difference. 


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