You may already be aware that your website should represent your brand and reflect the ethos and values of your company, but the web designs Surrey experts at Thunderbolt Digital know that there are even more things that should be considered when designing and building a good website. For example, it’s important to consider the following:

Negative Space

Effective use of negative space can be a great way to create impact and interest, especially when it comes to logos. For page layout, white space is a must to prevent users from becoming overwhelmed and to keep their attention on key areas and messages; pages that are too content rich (to the point of being cluttered) will not perform as well as pages with proper formatting. If you have a lot of content and information share, then it’s best to keep it spaced out, or even break it up between different pages, rather than overload your users.

Design Elements

Some of the most important elements in design are font and colour, and you should be careful to limit both – ideally keep to three fonts and three to five colours in your palette; remember, less is more!

You can still do a lot with limited elements, but you should work to ensure that the overall effect is striking, attractive, most of all legible. Use colours that are harmonious or complementary but not clashing, and the same applies with fonts; a good rule of thumb is that serif and sans serif make good font pairings.

You can also use a number of elements (such as lines and shapes)  to guide users’ eyes towards certain areas and create flow.


Web designers should always work with navigation in mind, and should create a site structure that makes sense, with page titles that are clear and unconfusing. The way that users move around your site should not be hindered by anything, and to be fully effective, navigation bars should be easy to locate and use. UX is key!

For beautifully functional and affordable bespoke web designs Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital truly cannot be beaten! Our team is dedicated to helping you build the website of your dreams and attracting the right sort of customers – we even offer an array of marketing and SEO services to assist you with this following the launch of your site. For more information about how we can help you, or to book an introductory meeting, email our team today at or call our office on 01252 413757 and we’ll pencil you in.