We’re often asked by our clients how they can improve their web design. As experts at web design in Surrey, we know lots of handy tips and tricks that can make your website more appealing to your customers. That’s why we’ve explained the top 4 ways to improve your web design in this blog.


Responsive Design in Surrey


Web design surrey relies on more people using their mobile phones and tablets to browse the Internet. Google now penalises sites that are not mobile-friendly, so if you have a website now is the time to ensure you have a responsive version.


Also, a responsive website is great for SEO and will help you rank higher in search engine results!


Simple Navigation


Simple navigation is key when it comes to keeping visitors on your website. If your website has a confusing user journey or requires a lot of steps to get somewhere, your visitors will soon become frustrated and leave.


The aim is to make it as easy as possible for people to move around your website. Think of it this way, if you walk into a shop you’ll want to be able to find what you’re looking for without needing to ask someone for guidance. That exact same methodology applies to websites!


Web Design Surrey Needs Fast Page Speed


Digital marketers have always discussed how website speed affects your website. In fact, research shows that a page that loads within two seconds has an average bounce rate of 9%, while pages that take any longer than that have an average bounce rate of 38%. So, if your page takes longer than 2 seconds to load, may users will think it’s broken and leave your site. Work on speeding up your page load speed to improve your web design.




A picture is worth a thousand words. Everyone likes to look at something that draws their attention: photos, videos, animations, you name it. Exciting, colourful imagery is more likely to catch our eye than a chunky block of text, so try to use some brilliant visuals on your site. You can find free stock images from these websites:



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