When thinking about building a website, your first thought is probably “I don’t know how to do this” and that’s ok. It’s not a simple process and our trained experts have spent years honing their craft. It is probably the case that you have looked around and found various options for people that could create your website for you, and you are in the process of getting quotes. If this is the case then as experts in Surrey web design we suggest you read a bit about how an agency works compared to a freelancer on a project like yours. 



On any project, it is often the case that you want it completed as soon as possible. With both a freelancer and an agency, it is highly likely that they are both working on several jobs at once. An agency will always be working from 9-5 and can give you regular updates on the progress of your project. However it may be the case that a freelancer is working on your project sporadically at any time of the day and may not always be reachable at convenient times. An agency has processes in place to be able to create timeframes, as well as sticking to them; it is possible that a freelancer by themselves may get snowed under and are unable to finish your products after extenuating circumstances. 



It is often the case that a freelancer will quote a smaller price for a project’s completion. This is understandable as they have less overheads to take care of, however, it can be the case that you get what you pay for. Paying an agency slightly more can give you the chance to breathe easier knowing that several people are overseeing your project ensuring that it is top quality, whereas with a freelancer, it could be only them.


Quality Assurance

A freelancer can sometimes create work that is exceptional. However, there are often times that it is not QA’d properly and bugs appear on the site, meaning that it doesn’t work properly, or crashes. An agency has several layers of QA before the client then QAs it themselves. This ensures that it is of the highest standard. 


After Care

Freelancers can complete a project well but can become very busy with another project as soon as it’s finished. This could mean that if you have an issue down the line or want something changed, they may not be available to help you. With an agency, this issue won’t occur. We have several developers that all work on specific projects, but have time set aside for this exact thing if a previous client requires help. 


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