Website trends seem to be constantly changing. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of what trend will happen next in order to be able to change your website in time to keep up. However through our website design in Surrey, we have found that over the last few years, animation has continued to grow in popularity. Here’s a quick guide as to how it can work well on your website:


What is an animation?

Animation is where figures or shapes are manipulated through software, so that to the viewer, they appear as though they are moving. This has become more accessible to the wider public over the last few years, and it is common to now see this appear in some shape or form on most new websites. 


Expensive but worth it

Animations are often known for being expensive. This can often be the case. This is due to the fact that in order to create these animations, there is a very lengthy process behind it. You need to create the basic drawing first which can take time. Then you need a computer that is capable of handling the design software to create the animation. Software can be very costly but in order to achieve the look you want with your animation, it isn’t worth skimping on it. 


Distract your viewers – the tricks of website design in Surrey

So why do animations so often appear on websites? What is their use? In some instances, animation is used to distract the viewer from other aspects of the site; for instance a slow page load speed or if the site is slightly outdated. Sometimes it can be to fit the general view. For example our Thunderbolt website, we have astronauts and spaceships which fit together to create a scene. 


Different types of animation 

Animation can come in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs. You may well have come across it before and not realised that’s what it was. Some are activated in different ways, for example, they only start to move when you hover over them. Or if you scroll down the page, the animation moves with you. You can also have galleries of images that move without you touching them. The options are limitless, so whatever animation you are seeking, it can be made, and if you’ve got a whole new idea, then great! Start creating!


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