If you’ve ever wondered how professional web agency Surrey manage to keep ahead of the curve in web design and online marketing, then wonder no more: the truth is that we draw inspiration from many industries, not just the digital one – this even includes sports! In fact, we’ve noticed that the training and dedication that athletes apply to their profession is something that many of us can learn from, even web agencies! Read on to see how adopting an athletic attitude towards your online presence can really make all the difference, especially if you focus on your:



Much like an athlete aims for the fastest time around the track, your company should aim to have the fastest page load speed possible; no matter what business you’re in, sites that load faster see more ad views, lower bounce rates, and are thought of more highly by visitors and customers – they’ll even stay on your site longer! As a web agency Surrey, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date hints and tips like this one.

Aside from reaping the benefits of speedier load times, you’ll want to avoid the problems surrounding sluggish sites; users tend to expect web pages to load within 3 seconds, and you’ll see a steep rise in the number of people backing out for every second beyond that. Remember – speed is key!



Speed is all well and good, but the best addition for it to have is stamina; you’ll want visitors to stick around your site more, as well as having reasons for coming back. In fact, it’s often argued that brand loyalty is worth more than an initial purchase, as it’s easier to retain customers and guarantee a return visit or repeat purchases than it is to continuously attract new customers. Remember,  you want your business to be sustainable, and the way you run your website should reflect this.



Finally, you’ll want to look at the strength of your brand’s online presence, whether that be via social media, SEM, or SERPs. Your brand needs to be visible in order to get custom, something which can be helped greatly by strong social media management and solid SEO practices, all of which will translate into more traffic and increased custom for your site.


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