Thunderbolt Digital is a trusted local digital agency specialising in SEO, digital marketing, and web design Surrey. Our hard-working team are always finding new ways to aid our customers and streamline our own processes to make things easier on all of us and help us see results with just that little bit less of frustration. One of the things we’ve discovered over the years is the design tool Canva, which is just so amazingly useful that we just can’t keep it to ourselves! So why exactly should you be using Canva?

It’s Completely Free

Canva basic is completely free to use for up to 10 users, which is perfect for a small business. Design software can be pretty expensive, and can seem like an unnecessary expense for some businesses.  It may simply be more economical to use something like Canva, especially if you do not employ any kind of designer or marketer.

It’s Easy to Use

Unlike programmes like Photoshop which can be complex, frustrating, and overwhelming for non-designers, Canva has a simple and intuitive interface which you can pick it up in a matter of minutes. It’s easy for anyone to create professional looking designs, which allows marketing teams to take control and means that you can keep your design team for bigger projects than everyday social media posts.

It’s an Online Tool

As an internet tool, Canva is perfect for use on the go, especially if you find yourself away from your usual computer or laptop – whereas programmes like Photoshop or Illustrator must be downloaded, installed, and verified, Canva doesn’t require this, and can be used anywhere with an internet connection. It also allows online collaboration, rather than back and forth file swapping.

Social Media Templates

Canva has a whole host of templates for you to pick from (including Twitter headers, cover photos, infographics, and more) which means you don’t need to worry about checking dimensions, resizing, cropping, or the possible pixelation of images – the templates are exactly the right size for what you need! There are also design frames to pick from, meaning you can just drag and drop pictures and edit copy rather than having to start completely from scratch.

Great Assets

Canva boasts a wide range of free and paid stock, from photographs and fonts, to frames, icons and infographic illustrations. There’s even a range of photo-filters to use, so you can get the tone and colour scheme of your design exactly right.

One of Thunderbolt’s core ideals is providing quality services for affordable prices, especially for SMEs and start ups, and we extend this to all of our services, including social media management, online marketing, SEO services, and web design Surrey. We believe that every business has the right to stand out from the crowd even without the use of expensive software and should get the chance to share their vision with the world – which is what we’re here to help with! We can help you gain online exposure or design you a responsive website to wow your customers, and without you needing to travel to London for the trouble! To find out more, call our office today on 01252 413757 or drop us a message at!