As a web design Farnham company, we think it’s important to be as transparent as possible when designing your website. As such, we thought we’d give everyone an inside look at the basic terminology that we use.

Domain name

This is the name of the website that you choose and purchase, for example in our case we use “”. It is important to think carefully before choosing a domain name for your website, for instance, it should match your branding while being easy to remember and aesthetically pleasing. Most organisations use their company name, however, this is not always possible. Consider an abbreviation or variation of your company name if the exact domain name you wanted has already been purchased.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the standard language of web designers and developers. By using HTML, our team can design the various aspects of your website, such as content, pages, and images and videos.


The inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee defined URL as Uniform Resource Locator but it is more commonly known as a web address. This is important to know so that you can hand it out either on your business card or on social media.


A permalink is a permanent link on a web page. A great example of this would be a link to a blog post on your website; using a permalink for the specific blog you are referencing saves the user from have to scroll through your blog page searching for it. These are extremely important because search engines such as Google use these to rank your site.

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