Has your website got a bit behind the times? Not sure how to make it modern while retaining the look and feel of your well-established website? There are tricks of the trade that you should consider when it comes to web design. Designers are used to updating older websites regularly, several factors can make your life much easier when building your updated website. Why not give them a try and marvel at the outcome. 

Brand guidelines in web design

Any brand that has been around for a significant amount of time will have created brand guidelines, they may not be written down but there will always be a rough outline that is easily visible to both employees and customers. The main part of this is the logo. This is the principal factor in how customers remember you and your website. In any website, this needs to be front and centre, but don’t make it too big and in your face; it just needs to be visible and memorable. Try to keep your new website in line with the old, create a mood board of old vs. new to create a seamless flow between the two websites, almost like a step forward to a remodelled site instead of sideways to a completely different website.

Colour scheme and imagery 

The colour scheme is a huge part of the brand guidelines. It will match on any documentation you create, on business cards, to the logo and the website itself. It’s not something that you can easily deviate from. The colour can often set the tone of the brand, a colour such as green is symbolic of stability and growth, whereas red can be seen as ambitious and energetic. If you change the colour scheme on the web design, this can almost change the way the brand is seen by customers.

Try to keep it in line with the previous colour as much as possible to retain the market you have. Imagery can also influence the way customers see your website. Try to update any out of date images of your work, or your products. Maybe include the members of your team so that you become more friendly to a client as they can put a face to the voice on the phone. 

Tone of voice 

This is an aspect that is often overlooked. With every document, blog and bit of website copy that you write, you are drawing your reader in, convincing them that your product or service is for them. Your usual clients are used to this same tone, changing it drastically may lose you some clients, but it could also attract the attention of other new customers. If you’re changing your approach, try out a new tone, but be cautious if the fact that tone is the main way to portray the message of your company through web design. 

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