As experts in web design in Guildford, we believe it shouldn’t break the bank. We help many small to medium sized businesses create the best websites to showcase their products or service; with a budget-friendly price tag. However, if you’re just starting out, working with a website design agency could be more than you want to get started. This handy guide can help micro-businesses create a professional and wallet-friendly space and design for your company. 



Creating a bespoke logo for your business is certainly important, and luckily there are a few free logo makers online. You can try sites like Logaster or Logomakr to achieve the logo you are envisioning. This will help you to brand your business and stand out from other companies in your market space. 


Animations and Illustrations for web design in Guildford 

Having custom animations made for your online business can be incredibly expensive. But, there are some great free animations online to choose from. Take a look at Ui8’s collection of freebies or browse AniCollection for free transition animations that are bound to bring your online business to life.



Branching out from illustrations and animations is icons; the clever way to associate imagery with actions. For example, using a telephone icon to show your phone number, or a computer icon for your email address: there’s no doubt about it- icons are really useful. Not only do they make it easy for people to locate what they need but they also declutter your site and reduce text space. This works to improve the look and user experience on your site. Sites such as Flaticon have thousands of free icons to use so that you can give your online business a unique touch and help your viewers to navigate.


Imagery that suits web design 

Whether your online business supplies security solutions, printing facilities or even llama-themed stationary, imagery plays a massive role in how patrons interact with your site. We’ve talked previously in other web design blogs about how quickly users make a first impression of a site. We’ve shown how boosting the aesthetic quality of your site with images is an easy way to introduce people to your brand and services. While you may want to include a couple of self-taken pics of your products; you’d be amazed at the range of royalty-free images that there are on the web; and how seamlessly they fit into a site- stock imagery is no longer drab or corny! To get you started try Pexels or Storyblocks and explore the endless opportunities imagery has to offer! 



This really lends itself to overall branding of a site/business, and, used in conjunction with the other points noted in this blog, is a powerful web design tool. You’ve probably noticed the trend of eye-catching content and themes by now. Choosing a colour palette that represents your brand shouldn’t be hard, and an online colour palette generator like Coolors can help you to find the perfect fit without any embarrassing colour clashes!


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