The web is continuously developing at an astounding rate – and there’s absolutely no stopping it! Being one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Surrey, and specialising in providing top-tier, bespoke, web design services as we do, our team of web designers and web developers are always searching for the latest online trends. It is because of this, along with the fact that we are now fully into the New Year, we thought we’d share our picks of the best web design trends for 2015 with you.

Simplicity, reliability and accessibility are the three main ways in which web design has recently shown signs of improving, with functionality and user experience also playing a key role. Web designers have been reducing the vast quantity of images cluttering up the appearance of web pages and are filtering down to the basics of a good, clean site, since users are likely to get distracted by “stuff”. The focus now is consequently on more minimalistic web design, which creates a site with a cleaner look and feel.

Here are some the most popular web design trends of 2015:

Parallax Web Design

With the growing number of web sessions carried out on mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets, user navigation is key in contemporary website development. Use of parallax (which is essentially an interactive web-graphic) in web design is becoming steadily more popular, as it allows for a more interactive and engaging website, getting the users stuck in and engrossed in the page.

Example of parallax web design

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Flat Design

Flat design is a minimalistic, clean and crisp design, which prominently features bright colours and “flat” illustrations. Just because it is simple does not make it less appealing – in fact, it does the opposite, as streamlining the design ultimately creates a more aesthetically pleasing website.

Example of Flat Web Design - Purple Jelly

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Large typography is also quite popular at the moment, with web designers seeming to be subscribing to the adage that “bigger is better”! For 2015, typography is set to literally get even bigger, which (as well as looking good) is actually a clever trick of design in play: the bigger the text, the less likely anyone viewing the website is to miss it, meaning that your message is more likely to reach potential customers and creating a more engaging web design.


Video has quickly become an integral part of web design. Offering a more engaging aspect to a web page than text or a static image, having a video-based background can help separate you from your competitors, setting you up as an innovator in the industry, and ultimately leading to more sales.

It’s probable that, of these trends, websites using the parallax-scrolling feature (which first became popular in 2011) and video backgrounds will dominate the web in the near future. These can make websites feel “alive”, as we have already seen from sites such as Spotify, HTC and Apple. Responsive design will also remain of vital importance, with developers focusing on performance, and optimising for mobile and tablet users, in order to provide a smoother and more fluent browsing experience.

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