Choosing a web development agency is no easy task. Just do one Google search and you’ll discover there’s a lot around! This is why you need to choose the key features you’re looking for and decide who best meets your needs.

In-house team vs sole developer

Many people specialising in web design in Surrey are what we would call ‘one man bands’. Someone with the ability to code and create websites was a phenomenal skill back in the early 2000s. However, two decades later, it takes a lot more than just having one person coding your website to make an impression online.

Who is designing your website? Very few web developers also keep up-to-date with design trends, or have the flair to visually outperform your competitors. Who is writing the copy for your website? Web developers won’t do the necessary keyword research to boost your website in search rankings. A ‘go live’ date isn’t very exciting if no one can find your website online!

A web design and development company has all the skills in-house to make your website stand out from the competition and attract enquiries. At Thunderbolt we have branding experts, web designers, web developers and SEO specialists that work together to give your website the attention it deserves.


Second thing to think about is where you want your web developer to be based. Since Covid-19, we’ve become comfortable working solely on video calls. But our clients still appreciate meeting us in person. Whether it’s thrashing out the finer details of the UX or getting to meet our development team in person, we like people to know that we’re an agency specialising in web design in Surrey. This means real people, with a real office, all working in the UK. Yes, you could outsource your website development to India, but we promise you it will be easier and cheaper in the long run, and you’ll have a lot more fun working with a web development company in the UK.


So, you’ve got a shiny new website, how are you going to change the content on it? Unfortunately you’re going to be waiting a long time for your content to be uploaded if you ask your web developer to do it every time! Web development agencies know that you or your team may be new to the CMS so they’ll take the time to train you for free before the project is complete. Then you’ll be able to quickly make changes or add new information at the speed your business needs, not the speed of a web developer, who doesn’t have much incentive to do it!

Speak to clients

Finally, you should read case studies and reviews before you decide to contact a web developer. Lots of happy reviews means they’re probably going to do a good job for you too. However, it’s always good to get feedback from the company’s previous clients before you make your final decision. If the agency has a good relationship with almost every client, even after they’ve finished working with them, the likelihood is that you’ll have a good working relationship with them too. A good working relationship nearly always ensures a positive outcome for your project!


Thunderbolt – Surrey Marketing Agency

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