As a company at the forefront of web design in Surrey, we understand the importance of extending the average session duration on your website. We all know the benefits it brings to businesses, but how do you achieve it? Read on to find out how!




First impressions matter… the typical internet user will look at a website for as little as 15 seconds before making a decision about its usefulness. It is crucial that your homepage is able to capture the attention of the user by containing the perfect balance of aesthetics and information. Your homepage should be capable of explaining what your business offers without the need for extensive reading by the user.




A major reason why a user will exit your website is because they can’t find what they’re looking for. By following the “3-Click Rule” you can avoid this. It should be possible for users to access their desired web page within 3 clicks- any longer and it becomes more efficient to find an alternative website. By using sophisticated web design you can implement a menu of choices, with clear headings, making navigating your website seamless and encourage longer session durations.




You wouldn’t fill up your office with items that offered no value to your business, so why do this to your website? Every web page should have a clear purpose and justify its existence on the website, otherwise it should be removed. It is more effective to have a refined amount of detailed content, than to flood your website with pages that offer little value to the user.


Device Friendly


When considering web design in Surrey, have you thought about mobile users? With over 85% of the UK’s adult population owning a smartphone, and the lion’s share of Google searches being performed on mobile devices, it is vital that your website is mobile friendly. If a potential customer is accessing your website from a smartphone it must be tailored to the smaller, vertical screen. Failure to have a mobile friendly website will frustrate the user, causing them to leave your site.


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