During the early months of 2020 when COVID-19 caused a national lockdown the majority of businesses had to close their doors and wait for government backing to re-open. This caused massive changes not only across the UK but the entire world. With the public stuck in their homes, online and digital activity exploded. The pandemic allowed certain online businesses to thrive as things went ‘digital’. If you are interested in starting your companies online presence get in touch with our expert team here at Thunderbolt, whether it’s web design in Surrey or marketing services we can help transform your business to the next level.


Focus On Your Current Customers You Have

Finding new customers that will engage and convert to your services or products can be tough, instead of spending all your focus on locating new audiences why not hone in and re-convert your existing ones. The main point is to look out for your loyal customers, they will thank you for it in one way or another. You will also be likely to see growth in other areas such as brand awareness, organic traffic, social media engagement and even potentially new customers from recommendations. 


Transition To The Online Space

When the public was told to not leave their homes, it was no surprise the digital world spiked. This digital uprising caused companies to outreach to digital marketing and web development agencies in hopes to join in on the profits being made by thousands of other businesses. Now is the time to improve or even begin your journey within the online digital space, the pandemic proved how much more businesses can do online. For instance automated email marketing or even your services, also allows companies to track their online presence and review statistics week on week to make any necessary changes. No matter the industry you’re in there’s always something you can do online to benefit your business. 


Facebook Advertising 

Facebook advertising is a tool anyone can use, all you need is an account, an advert and a budget. With Facebook pulling in 1.9 billion users daily, think of the opportunity you have to advertise to these people at your fingertips! Return on investment was on average 30% for companies pre-COVID; that number has nearly doubled since. Facebook ads are affordable for businesses too, you can choose how much you want to spend and set a limit so you never exceed the budget. With Facebook being able to target people based on gender, ethnicity, age, hobbies and even annual income the list goes on. Facebook is the best place to start due to the variety of people and common interests they have related to your business. 


Exclusive Deals And Offers

As businesses reopen and get slightly more back to normal, running exclusive online discount codes or offers could be a great way to get viewers converting. You could announce these deals in several ways, perhaps on your mailing list to customers or on your company social media channels. Not only will this help attract new customers it may also prompt previous buyers to come back. This strategy works extremely well for several businesses such as spas, gyms, online stores and restaurants. At the end of the day who doesn’t like saving money?


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