Are you getting lots of traffic to your website, but your bounce rate is high? Or you’re struggling to convert this traffic into sales? Many businesses fail to see the importance of Web Design. But don’t worry, our experienced Surrey Web Designers at Thunderbolt Digital have been successfully designing and building websites for 7 years. We have outlined 4 ways of how it can improve your business. Why not give web design in Surrey a try and marvel at the outcome?


Web Design First Impressions 


We all know how important first impressions are right? The homepage on your website is one of the first things a customer will see. Web design influences your customers’ perception of your brand. If you’re only given 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of people would prefer to see something beautifully designed versus something plain and simple. The impression you make on your consumers determines whether they will remain on your website and learn more about your company, or leave your website and turn to a competitor. 

A colourful landing page with unique designs will grab your viewers attention. If they’re really impressed they could recommend their friends to check out your website!


You also want to ensure that you are delivering a clear and concise message throughout your website to build a rapport with your customers. This will help build brand recognition and ensure that customers stay on your website longer. Your web design helps a customer see if you are a reputable business. It tells them about the kind of company you are: whether you are creative and different from competitors, and whether you will prioritise their needs. 


Convert traffic into sales


Visitors to your website have a very short attention span. Don’t make them struggle to find what they’re looking for. Having a website that is easy to navigate where consumers can easily access the information they’re seeking will be really beneficial. If it’s too hard for them to find what they want or the site takes too long to load – they will just leave and head to your competitors site instead. 


Aid your SEO strategy 


Google wants to provide the best listings possible. They don’t just rely on keywords and content to gauge how successful your website is. They also look at bounce rates and time spent on site. Don’t make your customers leave your website without engaging, as this will negatively affect your business. 


Your competitors are doing it


Do you need any more reasons to turn to web design? Well here’s a big one – your competitors are way ahead of you. You have to move with the times and keep up with your competitors or you will get left behind. Web design is a great opportunity to distinguish yourselves from the competition and show consumers why they should choose you. 


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