Here at Thunderbolt Digital designing and building websites is what we do best. Having been offering top tier web design services in Surrey for almost two years now we have built a large number of sites, including a handful of ecommerce platforms. It is because of this our team of digital and online experts are always navigating the web to find the latest websites and trends for inspiration. It is with this in mind that we bring you our Top Inspirational eCommerce Web Designs.


Noted as being one of the best ecommerce websites out there, it is no surprise that the fashion retailer ASOS is at the top of our list. Not only is it extremely easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and simplistically stylish it also features a brilliant content page, frequently update with fashion trends and styles.



The footwear retailer Schuh’s website is truly inspiration. The home page is wonderfully eye catching, featuring bright colours and the latest products, offers and deals. What we especially like about this website is the multiple call to actions on the home page, a brilliant online marketing technique, enticing the users to navigate multiple pages of the site, resulting in purchasing a product.


Drop Dead Clothing

Brochureware meets Ecommerce. The alternative fashion website combines the visual aspects of a brochureware website with the functionality of an ecommerce platform. Featuring large images, and a look book this website is beautifully bespoke. Although this site isn’t as big as the other ecommerce sites on this list, it still provides all the conventions of an online store and more.


Soho Fixed

The fixed gear bike retailer’s web site is simple, elegantly designed, and fulfils the purpose of a ecommerce platform. Being a small site, navigating the site and viewing the products is extremely easy, providing a brilliant user experience. Featuring large images of each product and large font sizes Soho Fixed’s web design is brilliantly eye catching, effectively advertising their products online.



What we really like about the online tea shop is its approach to the design of the site. Rather than following the traditional approach of a large image slider featuring products their site portrays this cool, unique, and slightly grungy take on 1920’s America referring to prohibition in a very film noir style tone. Each page features its own bespoke background, and the site is hidden with a range of brilliant CSS tricks here and there, truly inspirational.


Free People

Last but not least is the American female fashion retailer Free People’s website. What’s wonderfully eye catching about this web design is the large image slider at the top of the site acting as a look book, showcasing Free People’s latest products. On top of that, as you scroll down the home page your eye is quickly drawn to the multiple calls to actions via the large images and texts featuring new products, and the latest and seasonal promotions.


From this list alone it is evident to see that the fashion industry is winning in terms of eCommerce web design, creating beautifully bespoke and unique designs for their online stores. We hope you have liked our list of inspirational ecommerce web designs, and if you have any favourite ecommerce sites which haven’t been featured on this list let us know in the comments, or send us a tweet to @Thunderboltdigi, we’d love to hear from you.


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