Thunderbolt Digital are experts when it comes to web design in Surrey, and know better than anyone that communication is key when working to build a website, but designers can often forget that not everyone knows the same technical terms as them! This means that speaking to them can sometimes end up being rather confusing, or stilted as you stop to ask what they mean. Learning some of their language can really help streamline your meetings and will give you a greater understanding of the work that they do! So, let’s begin!


Hamburger Menu

It seems funny to label such a strange term as jargon, but it’s not really as self evident as it may appear, and “hamburger menu” often leaves people very confused. Don’t worry though, it’s actually quite simple – any icon you press with three horizontal lines that opens up a menu is known as a hamburger menu, with the three lines resembling the two buns of the burger and the meat inside. You may not have ever really paid any attention to the symbol (which also resembles a list) but it’s become a staple of web design in Surrey, and you’ll see it on many popular websites and apps. It’s also known as a “collapse” menu, but much less frequently.


Hex Code

You may hear designers mention hex code when talking about colour, and it can sound more daunting than it actually is! Hex code is merely is a 6 digit code used to identify every colour a monitor is able to display, with each unique colour having its own unique code. Hex code is the most accurate way of communicating exact colours for use in digital design (such as when used for logo or websites).


Parallax Scrolling

This is something Thunderbolt used to employ on our front page! It’s a nifty graphical technique where background images scroll at a different rate to the foreground, which can give the illusion of depth, or make it feel like the image is “following” the page as it scrolls. It can also be used in a sequential way to tell interactive stories that continue and “rewind” depending on which way you scroll. If you’re still confused, you can see some great examples rounded up here – you’ll recognise the effect once you see it!

If you’re looking for straight-talking developers proficient in web design in Surrey to refresh your website or help design a completely new one for your business, then you should call the expert team at Thunderbolt Digital today – our number is 01252 413 757 (email and we can’t wait to hear from you!