You may have heard of lots of different website builders and web publishing software options. When building your business website, it’s important that you choose the right one for you. As leaders in web design in Surrey, we’ll explain the main differences between Laravel and WordPress to help you decide the best option for your business.

Fully Customisable

Both packages can help you to build highly functional sites that are easy to manage with a great, simple user experience. They also both include free open-source web technologies with supportive online communities to help when you get stuck. Everything in Laravel and WordPress is fully customisable to help you get your site just how you want it.

Development Experience

WordPress requires less development experience than Laravel and is much easier to pick up so could be the better option for novices. Laravel, however, is better for writing database queries and dealing with data management. 

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is definitely the most popular solution for web development with over 39.5% of websites running on WordPress worldwide. Sites are typically based on themes, but there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own or adapting an existing theme to make it perfect for you. WordPress has been proven to be more efficient with frequent content updates on a website, for example, adding regular blogs.

Disadvantages of WordPress

However, WordPress relies on plugins for most functionality, while Laravel has a lot of built-in features for validation and authorisation. Too many plugins can substantially slow down the loading speed of WordPress sites which can affect the SEO of your site. Check out our 7 Top Tips For Great SEO to learn more.

Benefits of Laravel 

Laravel is ideal for dynamic sites with flexible back-end systems; membership-based platforms that process a lot of information; or large-scale eCommerce websites. This is where Laravel beats WordPress hands down!

Disadvantages to Laravel

As mentioned before, Laravel usually requires more development experience. However, if you are going to be building a template or bespoke website, it’s important to match it to your website’s needs rather than your in-house development expertise. Experienced web developers can create both Laravel and WordPress sites.

Laravel or WordPress for Web Design in Surrey 

The ideal business need for a WordPress website is if your site will be focused on written content. Also if you are looking to build a simple eCommerce site, online portfolio, or presentational website, WordPress is probably your best choice. If you have more complex requirements and want to build custom web applications with excessive documentation or data, Laravel is probably a better option. 

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