Any Laravel web development agency worth their salt knows just how much effect even small errors in web design and development can have on site traffic, which is why the team at Thunderbolt Digital work closely with our clients to make sure that everything fits their brand whilst remaining user-friendly. That said, we’ve seen our fair share of mistakes from amateur designers over the years, so we thought we let business owners know just what to look out for.


1. Lack of Personality or No Customisation

As part of your branding, you’ll want to create a distinct identity for your company, as well as leave a unique impression on your audience. However, it is possible to fail to do this in many ways on your site, which can ultimately lose you traffic – being indistinct gives customers no reason to stay!

To avoid this, make sure that you customise your site where you can; add favicons that properly reflect your company and try to steer clear from default 404 error pages. 


2. Graphics Issues

Here at Thunderbolt Digital, a Laravel web development agency, we know that visuals can really do a lot to help get a message across and catch attention, so when this goes wrong, it only makes sense that it can lead to the opposite effect in the form of traffic loss.

If the images on your site do not scale properly, aren’t mobile-friendly, or are “obvious” stock photos, then this will ultimately reflect negatively upon you, as it will make your website appear unprofessional and your company seem lazy.


3. Feeling Lost

Let’s face it, no one likes to be lost or confused, whether in the real world or simply browsing online. If users can’t work out where to click on your site to get to where they want or need to be, then they’ll take the only option available to them: backing out of your site.

To prevent this, ensure that your navigation is clear and easy to use – potential customers shouldn’t have to hunt for product information or contact details!

Implementing a sitemap can also have its benefits, and will be useful both for visitors to your website, as well as search engine crawlers indexing your site.

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