Thunderbolt Digital are professionals who specialise in web design Surrey, and as such know the components we should and shouldn’t see on a site if it wants to be successful. Of course, if visitors don’t actually stick around to look at your site then your chances of gaining leads or customers is already plummeting, which is why bounce rates are such an important metric to measure. If you notice that your site has an unusually high bounce rate, then you might want to consider what elements of your site could be driving people away. The four key areas your should look to first are as follows:


First impressions are everything, and your site needs to be appealing to keep users from leaving! Unattractive or outdated design can drive visitors away, so focus on creating engaging design and content. Also be wary of whether your site looks legitimate; certain design elements can look ‘dodgy’ or make visitors think that your site is a scam, which will have them back out as fast as they can.


Simple and intuitive navigation is a must for any website! Poor navigation can let down an otherwise well made site, and cost a company more than they’d care to know about in lost leads. Remember, if users can’t find where they want to go then they’ll simply leave! With this in mind, make sure to always test out your site’s navigation, to make sure that it’s easy to use and isn’t in danger of driving away potential customers.


Users don’t want to stick around on a website that overwhelms them, or requires squinting! Use fonts that are easy on the eyes and copy that is easy to read but not dull and lifeless. Don’t make your homepage (or any landing pages) too text heavy – instead make use of pictures, white space, subheadings, and bullet points.


As always, ensure your site loads quickly! Internet users have little patience for slow loading sites, more so when browsing on mobile devices, and can abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load!

If you’re struggling with your bounce rate and need help adjusting your web design Surrey, then Thunderbolt Digital are just the agency you need! Our team is committed to working with our clients to deliver professional results without the hefty price tags. To find out how we can help improve your website or online presence, why not take a look at one of our case studies, call our office on 01252 413757, or email our team today at We love all things digital, and are always happy to answer any questions about our services.