Responsive web design has been a hot topic for the best part of a year now, and has grabbed the horns of web designers, developers and marketers across the globe.

You may not have known this, but 91% of the population across the world have a mobile phone – that’s a whopping 637,000,000 people with mobile devices. To scare you a little more with some stats, 50% of the world use their phone as a primary source for accessing the Internet, and a further 72% of tablet users make purchases online every week.


The headache begins. You ask yourself how you can make the most of your stunning website and translate it into a mobile and tablet friendly version? In some cases, you might have to start from scratch, as the responsive process stems from the initial web design process. It is rather hard to implement responsive code into a website, especially websites which haven’t been built for a fluid resizing process across multiple devices.

There are a host of benefits to having a responsive website, including:

  • Easy navigation across multiple devices such as computers, tablets and mobile devices.
  • A positive user experience for mobile users.
  • Responsive design is favoured by Search Engines, increasing your site rank along with reducing development time.

The responsive concept goes a long way, making it easier for the end user to use your website and make the most out of their experience when using a mobile device. Responsive design ultimately engages your company and brand with the end user, whilst in turn, increasing web traffic and sales of services and products.

Thunderbolt Digital has built a vast array of responsive websites for clients across Surrey and the UK, this has provided them with increased traffic, sales and greater brand exposure.

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