As providers of some of the best web design in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital know the components of a good website. Of course, every company is different, and their web design requirements will all differ, but it is very much true that in a number of cases that less is more, and that a simpler scheme should be used during design and development in order to maximise impact and user experience (UX).

Simple web design is something that’s increasing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why; many internet users have some type of AdBlock installed, and while there’s a multitude of reasons for this, many prefer the streamlined look of base websites and like to not have any necessary distractions – in a similar vein, website design should try and adhere to this! In other words, simple web design can really cut through the clutter that users are sick and tired of seeing in their browsing experience!

Simpler designs and fewer assets also mean that web pages will see an improvement in loading speed as well as increased performance on mobile devices (mobile responsiveness is complemented well by simpler designs).

Cleaner and more streamlined web design can also help project a certain image of the company, which can be useful for brands attempting to look more minimal, efficient or stylish. Aside from this, good use of negative space can really draw attention to areas you want noticed, and if done correctly, can have a greater impact on an audience, especially if a good colour scheme is used.

If you’re in need of some professional web design in Surrey, then Thunderbolt Digital should be your first stop, as our team are experts when it comes to designing your website to make it both attractive and intuitive for visitors to use. Our team’s dedicated to helping you succeed, and are able to offer guidance in other areas including search engine optimisation, social media management, hosting, mobile responsiveness, and more. If you’d like to know more about how Thunderbolt Digital can help you and your business, call us today at 01252 413757 or email and friendly our team will answer any questions you may have.