Keeping up to date with the latest trends is crucial. Because if you don’t, you’ll get left behind. Start the new year the right way but taking a step back and reviewing your current website. Is it up-to-date and current, or could it do with a refresh? Web designers in Surrey like us are experts at giving your website a revamp. Here’s a guide to things to consider when making a change:


Web Designers in Surrey: A guide to keeping your website relevant

New Content

Make sure your website has new, updated content that is relevant to your business, products and services. Regularly updating your content will not only make your website more relevant for your visitors, but it’ll help with your SEO too!


Web Design

Expert web designers in Surrey like us know a good website when we see one. When was the last time you updated the web design on your site? Colour scheme, imagery and look & feel could all do with a refresh every now and then. And the new year is the perfect time to give your website a new look. 


Review Your Performance

Start the new year by reviewing your analytics. Take a look at what areas on your website are performing well, and which areas could be improved. For example, does one of your pages have a really high bounce rate or low session duration? Perhaps this is a page that could be improved with updated copy or new designs.


Calls To Action

Check that all your pages have a strong, relevant call to action at the end. And make sure it’s relevant to your business, and contains all the key information the visitor will need to know what to do next and how to get in touch with you.



Start the new year by taking stock of where your current SEO efforts are. Which keywords are you currently targeting? How are you performing? Are there any new keywords that you should be targeting? Are all of your web pages optimised for SEO by including the keywords in the copy?

Company Updates

Your website is the chance for you to showcase your talents and successes. Are there any new customer testimonials you can include? Or perhaps you’ve won an award in your field that you’d like to showcase? Make sure you have relevant information about your company on your site. Why should someone choose your product or service over a competitors?


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